Digitial Strategy

Business Objectives

​With Elizabeth, she wanted to switch from her current traditional approach of teaching to more online courses and at the same time broaden her target audience to include people from mainland UK and the Republic of Ireland.

This would mean a complete switch in messaging and approach from the school and meant that videos would have to be created to ensure that they were learning the best they could.

Our Approach

To ensure that our approach was correct, we had to do some market research and see what the current market was doing; this included looking at their advertising, websites and overall messaging.

We learnt who our audience was, what messaging and ads work the best, and redeveloped the website to optimise for online sales. The first three months we focussed on creating ads that had a high conversion rate and we got the ads to a phenomenal 15x ROAS, this helped us scale the online training at an incredible rate.


We were able to scale the online training business at an impressive rate hitting six figures in the first two months, these numbers have only improved, and the company continue to grows month per month.

The website has proven to be a huge success, with the online portal section of it is loved by the students as they can go back and rewatch the videos.

Most importantly, we could break into different markets and have trained people in countries that had previously never been hit by Elizabeth before. Another critical aspect of the project was relationship building, and after implanting a review system, the school now has 1,000’s of five-star reviews for the training.

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