Who is The Big Giraffe?

The Big Giraffe was founded in 2018 by Kel Dickson who is the owner of the company, with his experience and knowledge you will see why selecting The Big Giraffe was the right decision. Kel picked the name ‘The Big Giraffe’ as he is quite tall, 6 foot 8 inches and lets be honest, giraffes are pretty cool. 

Why Choose The Big Giraffe?

We offer our clients the best advice as well as having the can do attitude of thinking outside the box. Having this attitude makes our content creative and our strategy plans 1st Class.

So what makes The Big Giraffe stand out from our competitors? We are experts within the social media and creative fields and we can guarantee that we will create a bespoke social media strategy plan that will suit your business perfectly.

Alongside the digital marketing aspect we also provide content plans, this ranges from ideas to us creating the posts with you the customer in mind. We update our clients with the latest information in the social media world as well as giving advice on what would work better for you.

Recently we have began dealing with websites, this ranges from general advice, creating and or updating websites whenever needed.  We create bespoke websites that suits your taste setting you apart from the other companies and making it amazing.

Some of the things that we do..

Creative strategic plans

When you become our client we figure out where your niche is and how we can set you apart from the competitors! We create your personal plan and all you have to do is sit back and reap the rewards.

Creating Chatbots & Advertisements

The Big Giraffe is proud to announce that we are creating chatbots for our clients as well advertisements. These tools are amazing at building organic growth to your business.

Creating & developing Websites

Being a client of The Big Giraffe, not only helps you build engagement and reach but also helps to create your ideal website that suits your personality. Bringing out all the ideas you’ve always dreamed about.

Time to meet us up close and personal

At The Big Giraffe we pride ourselves at providing great, friendly and awesome services. So meet the team! We’d love to hear from you all. 

Kel Dickson

Founder of The Big Giraffe

Rachel McQuillan

Account Manager

Trusted by the best

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